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StartSSL™ Representation Partner

StartCom is seeking strategic and established partners for the exclusive marketing and distribution of StartSSL™ products, in particular higher validation and digital certification. A representation of StartCom is build upon well defined products, procedures, requirements and business plan for the establishing thereof, and with it offers a reliable source for revenues, exposure and business opportunities. StartCom offers exclusivity for the respective state or country of the business partner.

Potential partners should be established firms, preferable with some knowledge and practice in product marketing, support lines, computer and related Internet services. It must have at least one publicly accessible physical presence, preferable with multiple branches at different locations. Establishing of an exclusive representation requires an investment of approximately US$ 50,000 to 100,000, depending on the country and business potential. In order to get started, interested firms will have to perform Class 2 Identity and Organization validation (StartSSL™ Verified) and sign a non-disclosure agreement. For engagement and additional information please Contact us.