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StartCom paused the charged validation service

Eilat, Israel - 3rd Nov. 2016.

Mozilla released the sanction to WoSign and StartCom in Oct. 21, and Google released the sanction to WoSign and StartCom in Oct. 31, StartCom added the following notice in website’s Control Panel, Certification Wizard and Validation Wizard in time, but some subscribers maybe don’t catch the notice that still pay for the validation service.

Notice: Mozilla and Google decided to distrust all StartCom root certificates as of 21st of October, this situation will have an impact in the upcoming release of Firefox and Chrome in January. StartCom will provide an interim solution soon and will replace all the issued certificates from that date in case of requested. Meanwhile StartCom is updating all their systems and will generate new root CAs as requested by Mozilla to regain the trust in these browsers.

So StartCom decide to paused the charged validation service today, any subscribers that paid for the validation after Oct. 21st can get full refund by request.

The free SSL certificate is still available if subscriber like to apply, and there will not be any effect on Code Signing Certificate and Client Certificates. StartCom is still trying to find a good solution for all subscribers.